MEHLER VALMEX® boat PVC it is a unique material for manufacturing high quality inflatable boats used for leisure, sports and professional applications.

We use:

MEHLER VALMEX® Boat Mainstream plus

VALMEX® boat is a uniqie material for manufacturing high-quality inflatable boats used for leisure, sports and professional applications.

Several layers of PVC are combined with a Polyester base fabric of high stregth dtex yarn by melt-roller coating.These single layers give flexibility, elasticity, airtightness and resistance against mechaical damage.

VALMEX® boat is abrasion resistant, UV and weather resistant, dirt-repillent and insensitive to high temperature conditions. VALMEX® plus productsfeature higherresistances to various environmental conditions due to an additional acrylic surface finish.

All materials from Mehler Texnologies are 100% lined with canvas, which gives the highest quality to our products.

All Mehler TEXNOLOGIES components are manufactured in accordance with the European REACH Directive.

Environmentally responsible approach — use of environmentally sustainable energy and resources. Subsequent utilization of waste materials.

How do we contribute environmental responsibility? MehlerTexnologies participates in external systems of secondary processing of raw materials with the aim of ecosystem recovery and in the «voluntary agreement of PVC manufacturers» VinylPlus.


TEXACOL M 150 PU.PVC — one or two component glue used during cold gluing. Such glue, which has a high initial adhesive behavior, is specially produced for gluing synthetic materials, polyurethane and PVC, and is used in the production of boats, conveyor (portable) safety belts, etc. When used in combination with hardener (POLYDUR PU65, DESMODUR PCE, DESMODUR RC), TEXACOL 150 PU.PVC adhesive provides hydrolysis resistance and superior heat resistance. The use of POLIDUR PU65 also slightly increases the service life. Technical characteristics of viscosity: Viscosity was determined using Brookfield Brookfield RVF, RV2 spindle speed 4 / min.

Vrijednosti Tolerancije Metoda određivanja
Viscosity on 20*(umjesto te zvezdice su stepeni) 3300 mPa.s ±15% ICF N° 07

Marine plywood (waterproof)

It is a standard used by plywood manufacturers around the world. For the floor, seats and stern we use specially made for boats and yachts laminated waterproof plywood made in Finland (protects against salt water).
First-class mahogany cladding and pine interior. For example, 9 mm  strip consists of five longitudinally placed and two crossed layers. Base plywood thickness: 1.2 mm, plywood surface thickness: 1.5 mm.